”As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their
dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a
season and time.” Daniel seven:twelve

In this verse it says although their kingdoms ended their
‘lives were prolonged’. This is interesting, as when we study
the fourth Beast, and especially the little horn kingdom, and
some of the beasts in Revelation, we can see characteristics
from all the other kingdoms in this Roman Papal kingdom.
Babylon had what was called the ‘mysteries’ or ‘mystery
religion’. The concepts of this secret religion of the
priests, came down through the ages, from the time of
Nimrod and his wicked wife, Semeramis. When the Jews
were in captivity in Babylon some of them learned this
‘mystery religion’, brought it into their own religion and
called it the ‘Kabala’. It involved rituals, mystic symbols,
magic numbers and special words and was really just a
bunch of Satan’s lies.

Many organizations today use this same ‘secret’
symbolism. Masonry, witchcraft, some Jewish societies,
Eastern religions, Wicca, Satanists, and much of it is found
in Catholicism. The methods of the priests, the mass, the
confessional, worship of saints, and a lot of other things,
trace back to the worship of Nimrod, his wife Semeramis,
and her illegitimate son Tammuz. That’s where the cross
symbol came from also; it was the sign of Tammuz, the sun
god. Jesus died on the symbol of the counterfeit religion;
sun worship.

Medo-Persia claimed that when it made a law, no one
could change it. That meant they believed they could make
no mistakes; they were infallible. They were also very
cruel and a persecuting power. The Papacy also claims to
be infallible, is a persecuting power and has shown itself
to be very cruel. (Think of the Inquisition.)

When a man claims he is infallible, he is really claiming
to be God. Remember how the king of Medo-Persia tried to
force people to pray only to him? You can’t talk to the Pope,
even today, without first bowing to him and kissing his ring.
Greece developed forms of philosophy and religion that
still plague us today very much. Our whole worldly system
of education is based on Greek philosophy, which makes it
hard for people to understand the real truths of the Bible.
Remember, Paul said the Greeks thought the truth about
Jesus was ‘foolishness’. (1 Corinthians 1:23) They exalted
men’s ideas and traditions above God’s Word.

Of course much of the religion and ways of Pagan Roman
Sun Worship came right into the papacy; so much so
that Daniel 7 doesn’t even use a new beast to show Papal
Rome, but just a horn on the same terrible beast.
We have wickedness from all these kingdoms with us
today. We need to study the word of YAH and not be deceived.

Study Daniel and the Revelation

Study Daniel and the Revelation