The Prayer that Yahushua Taught us.
1. OUR FATHER, WHO ART IN HEAVEN…. (First Commandment)

As we begin this prayer by saying OUR FATHER, we do acknowledge three things. They are:
A. Our – First Person – Plural. Unselfish or Social
B. Father – Paternal Relationship Personal
C. Heaven – Place Hope

As it is the plural form of the First person has been used, it clearly indicates about the social aspect of the spirituality. Creator of all people of the entire world has made to one by addressing Him as our Father. At the same time, on the other hand, it can be interpreted as a chance, to the existence of “their father”. Therefore the selfless children of God can certainly address Him as our Father. Then who is their father? Certainly it is satan. So it is a community who are the children of God addressing God as their Abba the Father – Their papa or daddy. Unity among His children, Love for each other, Care for each other is important to all.

They have a right to seek Him and ask for being with them or even ask Him to let them be with Him. They can share their plans or thoughts with Him. They can seek help for their projects. They will naturally join the fight of their Father against the enemy without compromise. It is a natural duty that children should defend the family and the fame of their beloved Dad. Those who join with the army of your Father’s enemy will never inherit anything of your Father’s wealth. Your life is endangered here. The place of your Father is very important to you. That is Heaven, The highest, the purest and most powerful place that anyone could possibly be heard of. You can also be there with Him. Cause you are a part or a member of His family.

Heaven is the place where never hindered or limited with time and space constraints. You are not affected with the climatic conditions such as cold or hot or even rain. You are not affected by any kinds of illness or aches. No more deaths or births. No pressure by the situations or relationships and thereby no tensions. No hypocrisies, no show offs and no selfishness. No luxuries, no vanity. It is a place where all those Virtual values such as Truth, righteousness, justice, moral duties and ethics will be restored and respected. That is a place you would feel that you are wanted positively. You would find a place for yourself and would feel that you belong there. You are identified, recognised and appreciated just as you – means as genuine as you.