In recent years, the knowledge of the Creator’s calendar and the seventh-day Sabbath calculated by that calendar, has grown and spread. Various objections have been raised against this truth. However, when these objections are carefully analyzed in the light shining from Scripture and the historical record, the facts support that the true Biblical Sabbath can only be found by using the luni-solar calendar of Creation. This article answers 9 common objections raised against the Biblical Lunar Sabbath.

Following are 9 common objections raised against the Biblical Lunar Sabbath, and their respective Answers.

OBJECTION #1: “The luni-solar calendar might work well in a perfect climate if you’re living near the equator. However, it does not work if you live near the North or South poles.”

ANSWER: The beauty of the Creator’s calendar is that it is as perfect for the North or South poles as it is for the equator.

The new year on the luni-solar calendar begins in the spring which is midway between the extremes of summer and winter, even in the arctic regions.

Once the astronomical principles of luni-solar calendation are understood, the calendar for the year can be calculated from the New Moon of the first month in the Spring.

Because lunar months are 29.5 days long, a person can calculate on average every other month being a 30 day month, with all other months being 29 day months. This is probably how the early Christians did it when they were forced to hide in the catacombs or were enslaved in the mines and unable to see the sky.

Because the New Moon can be calculated with great accuracy, worship by the luni-solar calendar in the arctic regions is not a problem, either. Similar to what a Saturday-Sabbatarian does on the Gregorian calendar, one would keep holy time from rising in the morning, until going to bed that night.

The calendar of Creation is the most user-friendly calendar in existence and can be accurately used by all, regardless of where they live.