Biblical Beliefs

/Biblical Beliefs

The Word of God

By |December 11th, 2016|

No book has been so loved, so hated, so revered, so damned as the Bible. People have died for the Bible. Others have killed for it. It has inspired man’s greatest, noblest acts, and been blamed for his most damnable and degenerate. Wars have raged over the Bible, revolutions have been nurtured in its pages, […]

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Worship Manual Of True Biblical Christians

By |October 19th, 2016|

The Appointed Festivals

 The Lord said to Moses, 2 “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘These are my appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of the Lord, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies.

The Sabbath
3 “‘There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, a day of […]

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How to be saved – Why does man need to be saved?

By |May 23rd, 2016|

Question: “How can I be saved?”

Answer: This simple, yet profound, question is the most important question that can be asked. “How can I be saved?” deals with where we will spend eternity after our lives in this world are over. There is no more important issue than our eternal destiny. Thankfully, the Bible is abundantly […]

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You shall not make any graven image

By |April 12th, 2016|


Turn ye not unto idols,…. From the one only true and living God to them that are not gods, as the word used signifies, who are nothing; for, as the apostle says, an idol is nothing in the world, 1 Corinthians 8:4, is of no worth and value, of no consequence and importance, of no […]

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In Remembrance of Me

By |March 29th, 2016|

“The Master Yahushua the same night in which He was betrayed took bread: and when He had given thanks, He brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is My body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of Me. After the same manner also He took the cup, when He had supped, saying, […]

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