Very few people have a correct understanding of what “Babylon” is, yet the message to come out of Babylon is Heaven’s final warning to the world. It is, literally, the world’s last chance. Discover what “Babylon” is so you can answer the call: “Come out of her, My people!”

All who answer the call to leave Babylon can, at first, feel cast adrift. It can feel strange to worship alone. Many want to find another group with whom to worship. Heaven has a very special reward reserved exclusively for those who come out of Babylon. Scripture calls them “Sons of Zadok.”

All who fully leave Babylon will discover that home churching is inevitable. Those who have done great things for Yahuwah have often been called to worship alone to prepare them for their important work. This article provides practical tips on how to worship alone, with one’s family and in small groups.

Come Out of Her, My People!

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